New changes to our directors and deck chairs

Hi everyone, good afternoon, morning or evening.. dependent on when you read this.

There are quite a few changes to our directors and deck chairs, we though this little blog will help you understand the differences. Basically it’s all good.

Directors Chairs

The idea is the same however the design are totally different, these are not only easier to open but are stronger. we have also made 2 new colours available, green and Navy.

So you can now personalise more colours than previous. These make great gifts and accommodate guests at parties and BBQ’s!

You can order these plain on our sister site

Deck Chairs

There has been a safety feature added to our deckchairs, in order to remove any slipping problems. Effectively there is a second catch away from the wood, just in case you’ve eaten too many burgers at a BBQ and the chair moves!

The material also wraps around the wooden frame top and bottom to give an added sense of security. Again we have made navy and green available for any personalised needs on this.

We can also replace the canvas with a material called polycril, this accepts ink, meaning you can have whatever color you wish and with any words or pictures..

The deck chairs are also available from our sister site.. In Green, Navy, Blue and White stripes and Red and White stripes. Very complimentary! Head over to Director and Deck Chairs for more information

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Onesies still going strong and stock in soon

Hi All,

Just a quick update really, first of all despite the muggy weather our personalised onesies are still going strong and selling well. We have had a massive demand on directors chairs and deck chairs, so are currently waiting on stock for those items. Due July 4th and we are taking back orders.

We also have a new way of working with personalised jigsaws and have made a cost reduction and of course we have passed it onto you.

His n Her Range

We have released 2 products in our his n her range, his n her onesies and his n her deckchairs, both items playing on the blue and pink gender divide, but we’ve allowed 2 of the same colour for ‘his n his’ or ‘her n her’ style ranges!

Finally June saw the launch of a brand new product, so take a look at our personalised bunting.. a gift they can use and then keep.

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Personalised Deck Chairs and Personalised Directors Chairs

Deck chairs can be personalised for a whole lot less than you may think. This is a fantastic way to add your own personal touch to your office space. It is unique in many ways it set you apart from the rest. This is also a fantastic gift idea. Regardless of what your needs are for personalised deck chair it is an affordable option that will truly be a pleasure to own or give.

When we’re talking personalisation it could be your picture or wording placed onto the deck chair. The chairs themselves are made from juniper wood and we print onto polycril for the canvas.

Deck chairs are not the only thing that you cannot personalised. Directors chairs are better personalised and add to the glamour of the job, and this can be done in a very affordable manner. There are many options available for your personalised directors chairs. Rather you are looking for an outdoor, indoor commercial or a child’s director chair personalisation is easy and affordable. They make great props as well as additions to anyones home or garden.

All you have to do is log on and search for the option that best suits your needs. With a wider range of styles and colors available and a little bit of imagination you can have a unique addition to your workspace or a gift that will stand out from all others. Nothing about these chairs is ordinary, and there is always a sale or discount available to the consumer.

The experts that oversee the project will never settle for less and we don’t expect you to either. Still, if for some reason you’re not happy with your product, return policies are in place as well as guarantees to ensure that you end up getting what you need or your money back. These are high quality and durable chairs produced by professionals, and the top goal is to assure your satisfaction. Shipping and handling is affordable and your information is always kept safe. This is a win-win situation rather you’re looking for something for yourself or for someone else.

Don’t hesitate to start looking to see what is available to you, and if you have any questions or concerns customer service representatives are always knowledgeable and helpful. Get online or make that call today, and don’t fall into the norm. This option is available to you often times for less than what you could by an ordinary chair for. So why wait? Make the call or log on to see just how easy it can be to have or give a personalised deck or directors chair today.

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Just an update

Since we started business at the beginning of January we have gone from strength to strength. It has been great to innovate within the existing market, including such products as personalised onesies, personalised deckchairs and personalised director chairs.

The more bog standard industry favourites are also going well, personalised mugs are taking the lead, mainly as the Leicester Tigers Gift range is proving successful.

Thank you for your support, we really do appreciate it, and here’s to another successful 3 months…

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It won’t be long before…

…Valentines Day is upon us. Yes the dreaded Valentines curse. What to get? Who to get it for? Will they like it? Do they want the attention? In or out of a relationship Valentines (mainly for men) is a nightmare! So book the flowers.. book the table but why not try something different this year? His and Her Onesie’s? A romantic set of coasters to show your love.. Something a bit different.. maybe a directors chair or deckchair?

Remember everything above is personalised! Get that lovers name on there.. Here’s a brief overview of what we are suggesting this year for you lovely people..

For Her:

1. Personalised Coasters

2. Personalised Teddy Bears

3. Personalised Mugs

For Him

1. Personalised Football Gifts

2. Leicester Tigers Gifts

3. Personalised Jigsaw

Something Different..

Personalised Deckchair – your loving images printed and added to a great way to watch the world go by.

Maybe go for a his and hers set of personalised directors chairs? Write whatever you want to the back.. ‘His Name / Her Name’ or ‘His / Her’ or even ‘Slave / Master’ – great for sharing nights together in the garden come summer..

And Finally the hottest product on the market at the moment.. The Personalised Onesie! Again how you choose to personalise it is down to you. Onesie’s are so in demand we are struggling for stock until the start of February, don’t worry we’ll keep you all posted on when they are in!

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